Chaos Faction 2 Game

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Chaos Faction 2 is an action game that draws many similarities with super smash bro’s. It is packed with action and different characters that you will fight against. You progress tough the game by completing levels. There are 15 levels in the game and you get a new character and new weapons every time you complete a new level. The game missions are fun and unpredictable. Sometimes you will find yourself protecting a construction site, while other times you will be messing around with monkeys.

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Although the game is not bad, there are a few issues that need to be stressed. Because of the constant action and movement on the screen, it is very easy to lose track of your characters position in all that madness. Of lasers, crazy fight moves and explosions. If you want to avoid this issue, try using a polar bear as your character, you will be sure you won’t lose him.
Another thing that might frustrate you is a glitch where you temporarily aren’t able to control your character. Besides these two minor issues, there is one big issue that might ruin the game experience for you. This issue is the lack of difficulty of the game. You will find yourself completely unchallenged and too comfortable at times.
If you are a fan of fast paced games, then you will surely love Chaos Fiction 2, the game provides a constant supply of challenges that you will surely enjoy even though the game feels a bit to unchallenging a at times.
To leave a good impression and compensate for the ammeter like difficulty of the game, the game developers provided you 45 different characters you can use, with the added ability of customizing them. You also have a level editor that provides you a lot of functions and possibilities.

Game Graphics

In terms of graphics, Chaos Fiction 2 has definitely managed to reach its expectations. The cartoonish style is very well implemented, this is something not many games manage to pull off and the animations are very well executed with no glitches and unnatural movement. All of this is very well complimented by top-notch sound effects that give a really good ambient to the levels.The game controls are very easy to adjust to, and if you want to make your own custom controls, you can do that too.
In conclusion, the game does have a certain dullness that hinders its quality, but this is still one of the better games in it genre with lots of positives.